Club Officers 2007-2008

Members of Council

Colin Sallis*

Peter Roberts*
President Elect
Club Service Chairman

Bernard Beadle
Secretary from Dec 2007
Programme Secretary

Philip Highley*
Immediate Past President
Sergeant at Arms

Maurice Holden*

Howard Burgess*
Community & Vocational Chairman
Club Almoner
Jerry Duckett
Graham Tall
International & Foundation Chairman

Jerry Duckett*
Foundation Officer

Philip Southwell*
Club Protection Officer
Youth Activities Officer
Two Castles Run

Geoff Burrows

Tony Thompson
Other Club Officers

John Dixon*
Attendance Officer

Brian Bridges
Custodian of the Banners

John Kelley*
Inter-club Fellowship

David Ruskin
Newlands Run organiser

Bob Kelly
Press Officer
Two Castles Run

David Tall
Web Site Officer

Maurice Holden
Richard Lemberger
served as Secretary,

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