24th November 2014
  Community First Responder

Nick Sharlock talked about his role as a voluntary Community First Responder. This essential service to back up the ambulance service relies on volunteers and charity donations.

For more information go to http://www.warwickshirefirstresponders.org.uk or check out our Facebook page.

10th November 2014 13th October 2014
John Davies. Troop Aid Mike Cross

John Davies spoke to the club members about the charity Troop Aid which was founded in November 2006. The objective of the charity is to support the injured troops returning to the UK from the war zones.

For more information go to www.troopaid.info

Last mondays Speaker Mike Cross gave a talk on the rebuilding of a "Lester MG " a car built in the early 50s using mainly standard MG parts modified heavily and a purpose built aluminum body. On obtaining the car the original body had been discarded and lost. Mike then proceeded to hand build a new body from old drawings and photographs. There were only 5 cars built and they were raced with considerable success. Mike restoration is stunning and he now intends to build a second replica from scratch. Photo shows Mike with a slide of the hand built former on which the bonnet section was fabricated .
8th September 2014 18th August 2014
Chris Carrington Martyn Hall
Interim Director of Estates for Warwick University, Chris Carrington took his listeners on an aural journey from the Warwickshire and Coventry joint development of the project to the present with Warwick one of the country’s leading universities.   From those early beginnings in the 1960’s the university now has over 23, 000 students and has become a leading research university.  In addition to providing education to its incumbents it has contributed fully to the local community through its highly popular Arts Centre promoting music, drama, cinema and artistic achievements. Planned extensions over the next four years will involve capital expenditure of many more millions. he disclosed. 
Martyn Hall took as his subject the days of the Royal Navy in the extensive Napoleonic Wars but concentrated his talk on the lives of the sailors.    Explaining that many of those who manned the “wooden walls” had not begun life as seafarers he told of the many ways in which they became recruited including the infamous press gangs and men avoiding punishment by the law.   He told of the crowded conditions below decks, the often unappetising food and the minimal medical assistance when there were scores of seriously injured casualties.   In all, he decided, exciting times at sea but not the choice of hundreds who served.
21st July 2014 28th July 2014
John Crawford Andy Norman

District Governor John Crawford with Kenilworth Rotary President David Johnson

The Club was visited by the District Governor, John Crawford, who gave an interesting and informative talk about his two principal charity initiatives for 2014/15, Sand Dams and Macmillan Cancer Support, and the District Conference.. 

He explained that Sand Dams are not made of sand!! They are built in concrete across river valleys in African countries where there is one short-lived, intense rainy season each year. The rivers deposit sand behind the dams, which, after a couple of years, reaches the level of the top of the dam. In subsequent years, the rainwater is stored in the accumulated sand, which prevents evaporation. It provides a sustainable supply of hygienic water all year round. 

He outlined the accommodation and programme for the District's annual conference, which will be in Bristol on 7th-9th November; and encouraged members to attend the conference. 
Built as a replacement for the town’s youth club, the Kenilworth Centre has now a much wider role in the community.    Centre manager Andy Norman outlined the achievements and the objectives of this  community-based charity detailing the extension of the use of the Centre to seven days a week.  Paramount in their aim was that of identifying the needs of all sections of the community while also providing many aspects of leisure pursuits, help and advice especially for young people.
7th July 2014 9th June 2014
John Daly Geoff Litterick
The importance of recognising memory changes was stressed by John Daly of the Alzheimer’s Society who explained that dementia took many differing forms. He outlined the importance of finding the correct response to the illness and how to define the type of support required to help both sufferer and carer.  Recognising the onset of the malady was not solely through memory loss but also required identification of such things as concentration, use of language, properly judging distances, orientation and so on, and he detailed the advice and assistance available through the Society both locally and nationally.  Geoff Litterick spoke about the Rotary project launched In April 2012 in The Samfya District, Zambia, helping to reach 9,200 people with access to safe water and toilets. With the generous donations from clubs across Great Britain and Ireland excellent progress has been made and to date over 4,500 people now have a safe water source and over 3,000 people have sanitation facilities.

10th June 2014



12th May 2014

Stroke Association presentation


Rescue Team
Richard Martin presents £500 cheque for proceeds of street collection for the Stroke Association to Marlene Napper (left) from the Life After Stroke Centre and Karen Atkins from the Kenilworth Stroke Group (right), flanked by Victoria Chinery and Ann Lancaster from the Kenilworth Stroke Group. The Stroke Association will give half the £500 to the Kenilworth Stroke Group

Still somewhat in its infancy the Warwickshire Search and Rescue Team has now 25 trained members, each an unpaid volunteer available to assist the police and fire services on what are termed lowland situations.  Team leader John Howard  outlined the objectives of the service, which is national with each centre specialising in meeting the operational needs of its own area.  Membership is drawn from all areas of the community but each member has to be prepared, if required, to act on a 24 hour,seven days a week basis.

For more pictures click here

24th March 2014 17th March 2014
John Stanton with his daughter Warwick in Africa
Club member John Stanton reinforced a previous address to the members by telling of  his recent visit to the South American country to once again assess the success of the Guatemala Literary Project which involves government, businesses, parents and the wider community.   Started in 1988 the project has received $339,000 in support from the Rotary organisation and well as teaching and introducing reading programmes in schools has also been instrumental in sponsoring  and assessing pupils and providing in one year alone almost 7,000 textbooks plus computers and presentation equipment. In the same period 144 students were  sponsored on scholarship courses.
Locally based University of Warwick has a rigorous and extensive policy of enhancing education, and subsequently introduced a scheme  in 2006  entitled “Warwick in Africa”.   Working on the belief that skills in Maths and English were essential in providing opportunities and relief from poverty, the objective was to provide training and coaching for teachers in some of the poorest townships particularly in three countries, Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa.  Two main executives of the Warwick scheme, Emma Sephton and Rachael Swann, described the operations which have seen over 160,000 youngsters benefit from the improved teaching systems.  And they also explained how support was provided by scores of highly trained volunteers, by partnerships with many other educational establishments, corporate businesses, governments and, of course, Warwick University itself.  
24th February 2014 23rd December 2013
Guildford Rotarian Two representatives from Cord
Eye surgeon and Guildford Rotarian Sam Das,  started a “avoidable blindness programme” which in 1998 became the Guildford Rotary Eye Project.  The project which incorporates neighbouring Rotary Clubs and is run in partnership with Rotary clubs in the areas of need in India and Africa ensures that all eye hospitals are sustainable and financially independent.   Alan Miles, of the Leatherhead club, explained the funding system which includes major finance from the Rotary Foundation in addition to public donations and support from the Project membership.   He listed the many services provided such as training for eye surgeons, provision of microscopes and laser equipment, hospital transport, treatment for cataracts, glaucoma etc. and announced that as a result almost half a million people had their sight saved,   The Project’s target for 2015 and onward is to provide 100,000 cataract operations annually as well as providing and extending all its other sight saving facilities.

Founded 40 years ago in Leamington Spa, which is still its home, Cord is an international peacebuilding charity with the object of providing aid and development overseas.  The two Jills, who made a presentation to the club, explained, illustrated by computer displays, some of the work carried out in Burundi, Chad and Cambodia where thousands suffer from the effects of conflict and the ensuing post-conflict situations.  The President, expressing thanks to the speakers, handed over to the charity the proceeds of the evening’s raffle.

For the presentation click here

Two Jills showed Rotarians and guests what the solar cooker looks like:

solar cooker

27th January 2014 26th - 28th November 2013
Dr Nagarajan Devarajan with Richard Martin Paul Seward at Kenilworth School
There was a pleasant surprise for the club at their first business meeting of the new year.   As well as conducting their normal business the members heard a talk on the work of the Thane Skyline Rotary Club  of Mumbai by Doctor Nagarajan Devarajan, who is that clubs Director of Community Service.  Illustrating his address the speaker stressed the importance of educating  young people to face the challenges of the future.

Paul Seward was a speaker at the Kenilworth School assemblies helping to raise awareness of advantages of the Shelter Boxes in disaster areas.

Kenilworth School pupils are hoping to raise £6000 for the Shelter Boxes to be sent to the Philippines

Monday 25th November 2013 Monday 28th October 2013
Brian Miles John Stanton
One of the newest members of the Club, Brian Miles outlined his career which he described as being at time “like a ping pong ball” between the opposing parties.  This was because after working in local government in London he had been appointed one of the nation’s only three planning ombudsmen examining the complaints from the public and the objectives of the planning authorities. His experiences and the political nature of some of the decisions led to detailed questioning by the interested members present.
Rtn John Stanton talked about Guatemala Literacy Project:
The Club interest in Guatemalan literacy started with our support for the Maya Child Care (Centro Infantil Bellota) charity (for pre primary, seriously underprivileged children), introduced to the Club by Graham Tall; we continue to support this charity when needed, but it will probably not require major development. The local Rotary club in Xela (Quetzaltenango) in NW Guatemala has been supportive.
Our interest there lead us to the GLP, which is funded by largely North American Rotary clubs. This is a substantial project. Its aim is to provide books, computers & other literacy aids to schools in the poorest (largely Mayan)areas of Guatemala, such as Xela. The GLP is very well organised & the project is sustainable. It has received a Rotary Foundation grant in the last few years & the current Global Grant application is for US$255,000. Over the years, it has helped over 100,000 pupils in countless schools. See www.guatemalaliteracyproject.org It makes a significant contribution to improving literacy standards in the country, arguably the least literate & most poorly educated country in the Western Hemisphere (UN source)
We in Kenilworth Rotary donated £2000 (US$3000); this was matched by District #1060 & with Rotary Foundation’s grant, the total donated amounted in total to $10,500 – a substantial amount.
Kenilworth Rotary Club is the first European club to donate; we are also the first club in District #1060 to achieve a Global Grant contribution
Monday 23rd September 2013 Monday 5th September 2013
Hele Soane Dr Paul O'Hare
Although the mere no longer exists at Kenilworth Castle keepers English Heritage have set out to recreate the view over the site which Elizabeth the First enjoyed on her fourth visit to the town.  This particular visit in 1575 enabled the virgin queen and her retinue to reside in the new building erected by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, specifically for the royal visits and now known locally as Elizabeth’s Tower.   Although in ruins the tower structurally stands high above the castle and the intention is to create access to the interior reaching as high as the top floor.   Helen Soane outlined the present day project and explained the reasons for the building of the tower and how its design had affected later “tower” buildings in sixteenth century England.
Sub-Saharan Africa suffers abnormally high rates of infant mortality, explained Dr Paul O’Hare of Warwick University, and he went on to explain the work of the Etam Tiba project which seeks to improve the survival rates of mothers and babies particularly in Tanzania and Malawi.   With a dramatic shortage of doctors available a major part of the projects’ initiative is to train increased numbers  of non-physician clinicians able to significantly reduce the extensive inequalities experienced in maternal and child health care.  In the two countries outlined the objective is to train to a high standard up to 50 of these NPC’s.
Monday 12th August 2013 Monday 16th July 2013
Keith McDavid William Clemmy, WAYC
In over a decade the immediate response to disasters worldwide has risen dramatically.  Not least has been in the introduction since the year 2,000 of the now internationally renowned Shelter Boxes which Rotary has provided whenever the need has arisen.  Keith McDavid, Rotary’s “Mr Shelter Box”, told the Club members that co-operation between Rotary International and Shelter box had seen the numbers of boxes donated had risen from 143 at the turn of the century to 43,000 in 2012 and a cumulative total of over 137,000 saving thousands of lives and helping hundreds of thousands to start life anew.  Quite a good return on just £590 for each box.

To track the boxes donated by the Rotary Club of Kenilworth click here.

The Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs serves the county and Coventry and Solihull, 140 Clubs operating and serving thousands of young people. William Clemmey, who has ben with the Association for twenty years, outlining the objectives of aiding young people to achieve their potential and in often taking helping them from care to independence.  With a minimum of paid staff, the brunt of individual work is carried out by hundreds of volunteers who provide  support, training and encouragement for the young people. 
Monday 16th July 2013 Monday 8th July 2013
Ryla guests Philip Austin

The RYLA guests are : in red is Erica Carlsson from Sweden and in black Veronika Klugova from the Chezch  Republic, with their hosts Joy and Philip Southwell.

They spoke to the club about where they came from and thanked Rotary for the opportunity to come here.

One of the newest members of the club gave his Legal Eagle Job Talk.   A retired solicitor, Philip Austin related how as a schoolboy he had looked for a career and was influenced in taking up law as being interesting and something in which he could offer help to people.   He told of his training as an articled pupil through to becoming a partner in the firm and entertained the members with a number of anecdotes arising from his 45 year career.
Monday 24th June 2013 Monday 17th June 2013
Stephan Cooke Mary Hills
Orthopaedic surgeon Stephen Cooke demonstrated how advances in reconstruction techniques made it possible to overcome limb deformaties by making bones longer, shorter or straightening them.   He told of the introduction of the Gough frame, designed by a Fort Dunlop engineer, which had revolutionised many treatments of osteogenesis.  Apart from defects originating at birth he explained that orthopaedic skills were often required following infections, non-union dislocations, fractures, cerebral palsy and such.
Mary Hills came to talk about the teacher training courses offered at different centres in Uganda she helped run since 2009.
Monday 28th May 2013 Monday 20th May 2013
Now flying out of Luton with a commercial airline company, Andy Brown recalled his time as an RAF fighter pilot during the Cold War.  Beginning as an ATC cadet with a taste for flying, and following in his father's footsteps,  Andy told of his flying training from the days of the Provost to the Hawk jet trainer and on to squadron service flying the then world leader Phantom fighter.   He told of frequently intercepting the Soviet's long distance reconnaisance Bear aircraft and later serving  in the Falkland Islands to complete his RAF service.
Georgina Hales

Georgina Hale - A passenger on the Antarctic cruise liner Explorer described the terrifying hours after an iceberg ripped into their cruise liner.

Read more on: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/



Monday 13th May 2013 Monday 27th April 2013
wheelchair power Dr Gillian White
Wheelchair bound himself, Robin Surgeoner spoke on how more and more of the physically impaired were now able to enjoy sporting activities, a fact impressed on people by the successes of the Paralympics in recent years and especially at London's 2012 amazing events.   His theme of "transforming lives through sport" amply illustrated how a generation had been inspired by the sporting examples which began at Stoke Mandeville.   Rotary has given its support to the wheelpower concept by launching its own Rotary Wheel Appeal setting out to provide funds to assist in the provision of wheelchairs to individuals and to sports training centres.
As the 17th Century headed to its close, the busy thriving town of Warwick was struck with a devastating fire which destroyed a third of the town.   Describing the event Dr. Gillian White told how the fire began close to West Gate and Leycester Place, ran along Jury Street  fed by a strong east wind until the wind changed direction and swept the fire into the western reaches  including areas of larger properties including St. Mary's Church.     In a few hours over 450 properties were destroyed but thankfully no lives were lost.
Monday 15th April 2013 Monday 8th April 2013
Philip Southwell
Former schoolteacher John Bateson found himself able to recapture a former aspiration during his retirement.  He set out to offer New World visitors personally conducted tours of Britain's historic houses and churches in a Rolls Royce limousine.  In a talk aptly titled "Travels with a Silver Lady" he enthralled the Rotarians with anecdotes and personal experiences as he recounted the course of his newest career and the pleasure it had provided him.
Rtn Philip Southwell gave a feedback to the Club on the discussion points for the future of the Two Castles Run. Alan Edwards from the Leamington Cycling and Athletics Club answered all the technical questions.
Monday 18th March 2013 Monday 11th March 2013
David Close John Home
Twelve years go a number of the people of Wellesbourne began a fight to save the premises of Bill Chedham, one of the last wheelwrights in the country.   David Close told of the project to preserve the ramshackle workshop and the tools and accessories.  He described how they took on a difficult  journey which included taking part and winning the BBC's  television restoration series, persuading the Heritage Lottery Fund of the value of preservation and surviving a deep and devastating flood.   Now the building, which has become named Chedham's Yard , has been saved, renovated and re-equipped and also has a section catering for the many visitors including schoolchildren on educational trips.
For more information go to http://www.chedhamsyard.org.uk/
Assisted by his wife Mary, John Home, a long term bee-keeping specialist, told of the group of similar experts who make up the team behind "Bees Abroad". This organisation is dedicated to encouraging bee-keeping in selected areas of Africa providing assistance where people can benefit from the food produced and the provision of a minor income.   Bee-keeping, he stressed, with the proper support could be  sustainable and affordable and also furnished a major source of natural pollination.
For more information go to: http://beesabroad.org.uk/
Monday 25th February 2013 Monday 18th February 2013
Nurses on motorbikes talk Maleria talk

Coventry Rotarian Tim Brooke told of a charity started in 2003 which has considerably extended medical care in south east Tanzania.  With a shortage of doctors much of the rural work is provided by nurses and so a trust initiated by the Anglican church in Masasi has provided them with motor bikes kept operational by a dedicated maintenance system.  As a result the nurses have increased their areas of responsibility providing growing numbers of people with medical assistance including blood sampling, treating eye disease and malaria, vaccination and child care.

For more information look at www.riders.org

Malaria, a century old scourge, was the subject of an enlightening and explanatory address by one of the nation's leading virologists.   Professor Peter Winstanley, Dean of Medicine at Warwick University, explained that the disease could be greatly reduced by improving overall living conditions and concentrating on the many children who suffer by far the greatest death rate from the disease.   Sometimes designated  the "killer with drug resistance",  the Professor emphasised that the effects of malaria could be drastically reduced by making people richer and able to subsidise essential services, drugs, medical staff, doctors, nurses, and provide financial support in the search for appropriate vaccines.

On the 28th of January 2013

On the 28th of January 2013
Money for MacMillans Youth Speaks
Karen Shortt of MacMillan Nurses received £435 from vice president Richar Martin. The money was collected from the Tree of Light effort.

Kenilworth School's entries for the Youth Speaks competition gave previews of their public speaking preparations to the towns Rotarians.  The intermediate team had chosen "Road Rage" as their topic while the senior groups made a case for the 2012 Olympic successes creating a new optimism in the country generally.   On their conclusion Rotarians offered advice on the presentations.  

Both teams impressed Rotarians with their presentations and the club expects them to do well in competition. For more pictures click here.

On the 7th of January 2013 On the 14th of January 2013
Kaory Uehara, Rotary Scolar David Jones with John Boothroyd

Kaoru Uehara, Rotary scholar, who told the club about life in Japan, handing over the Mitsuke Rotary Club banner

Rotary's ambassadorial scholar Kaoru Vehara gave pictorial illustrations of her home town on the west coast of Japan telling of her strong family background. She outlined the route she had followed through her education and employment, at one time as a daily newspaper reporter, to the opportunity Rotary had provided for her to study for a Masters degree at Warwick University.


Rescued from the risk register over 20 years ago Warwickshire's beautiful 18th century Compton Verney house is now one of the nation's major art galleries and museum.  David Jones, told Rotarians how, through the vision, passion and foresight of Sir Peter Moores of the noted Liverpool family, the Robert Adam house, and its Capability Brown landscape, has become a centre revered by artists and art lovers internationally.  As well as its own six or so permanent art collections Compton Verney houses a learning centre for schools, colleges and other educational bodies and welcomes regular visiting collections including works by Turner and Constable later this summer.
On the 10th of December 2012 On the 3rd of December 2012
Neil Thomas Peter Robson
Father of an autistic son, Neil Thomas detailed the problems to be  addressed in caring for his son's needs and requirements.  Autism, which Neil explained, engenders an inability to act in accordance with accepted mores and standards. It is defined as a spectrum condition which, recent surveys suggest, affects as many as one person in  64.     The general public could assist, he declared, by avoiding confrontation with those with autism and also being explicit when indulging in conversation. 
Peter Robson gave fellow members a comprehensive "My Job" talk illustrated in a manner which emphasised his strong commitment not only to his skill but his belief in a management system based on a remarkably simple democratic structure.    Demonstrating the growth of a small manufacturing unit into an industry playing a major part in the design and manufacture of hydraulics, Peter drew a number of detailed questions from a keenly interested gathering.
On the 26th of November 2012 On the 19th of November 2012
Margaret talking about radio in Warwick Hospital Philip Worral

The Radio Warneford started in 1973 in the Warneford hospital and retained its name when moving to Warwick Hospital. It has 60 volunteers working for it. Margaret Legge is one of them. She came to inform members of the Club what a wonderful job the radio is doing and asked for helpers to run it.

To get more information click here

Philip Worrall spoke about the Life of Barrister
On the 12th of November 2012 On the 5th of November 2012
Peter Cutts Chernobil Children Speakers
Peter Cutts came to talk about Community Safety and his experiences of dealing with it.

Ken & Kath Ruane from Chernobyl Children’s Life Line, a children’s charity which was founded in 1991, came to talk about the organisation's work.

Children who have suffered or are suffering from the results of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster a quarter of a century ago are offered recuperative holidays in many parts of the world. Britain plays a major role and as an example the Chernobyl Children's Project Group in Solihull have hosted over 300 children over the past few years. Through photographs and related experiences Ken and Kath Ruane told the Rotarians of the effect of visits, outings, trips, days at the seaside and such like enjoyed in a "clean environment" by the 23 youngsters on the 2012 visit. The President handed over a cheque from the Kenilworth Club to aid the Project's programme.
On the 22nd of October 2012 On the 15th of October 2012
Roy Sheppard Justine Potts
A three day visit to London marking the 2012 Diamond Jubilee celebrations was described by Ray Sheppard. His talk was illustrated with pictures of work by notable contemporary artists while he described the use of colour by painters Mary Anne Aytoun Ellis and David Hockney and the composition abilities of jewellery designer Wendy Ramshaw. And all done on a "keep the cost down" premise including the use of the Megabus for the journey to the capital. Talented Oxford graduate Justine Potts enthralled the members with, as she termed it, " a few thoughts and reflections on a year in Italy". That year was spent centred on Bologna University as a Rotary Club's locally sponsored Ambassadorial Scholar . That university is the largest in Europe with 90,000 students and Justine -- a talented Latin scholar -- took the advantage of learning Arabic and Mandarin (to gasps from the Rotary members). To her credit she has returned to her home town and is giving the benefit of her experiences by assisting at the Kenilworth School and Sixth Form.
On the 24th of September 2012 On the 20th of August 2012
Judy Grove Patricia Cain
A development proposal raising strong feelings among local people, the Coventry and Warwickshire Gateway Scheme was explained in detail by Judy Groves.    The objective is to take in land around the Coventry Airport and create a "Technology Hub" to the north of the airfield and erect logistics and distribution warehouses to the south.   Although it is claimed that up to 14,000 jobs could be created it would mean building on green field sites.  
 For more information go to: http://www.cwlep.com/news/cw-lep-coventry-and-warwickshire-gateway-enterprise-zone.

Present chair of the Kenilworth Society, Patricia Cain told of the founding of the Society in 1961 following the demolition of historic houses in Bridge Street.    Since then had compiled historic data and played a major role in preservation including the struggle against the proposed super coal pit. She gave an interesting presentation re the Society. Key points were :

The society was formed in 1961 following the demolition of period cottages in high St which caused a public outcry .

The first big issue was then a call for a bypass which eventually opened ion 1971.

Opposition to the proposed super coal pit was an issue in 1985 this went away after changes in government policy.

Support for a Kenilworth Station is ongoing as is opposition to HS2.

Planning issues are a continuous item for the society .

The Society works to protect everything that makes Kenilworth special and a pleasant place to live.

On the 13th of August 2012 On the 17th of September 2012
Rishabh Dudheria
Liane Dugal came to talk about her vision for a local internet radio and why Kenilworth needs it. Below are some of the points she made in favour of the project that Kenilworth Town Council asked her to develop. Rtn Rishabh Dudheria, who was born in India and completed his degree in Bath, gave a very interesting talk about his home town in India and his job in England. Rushabh works for Jaguar, a British luxury and sports car manufacturer, headquartered in Whitley, Coventry. It is part of the Jaguar Land Rover business, a subsidiary of the Indian company Tata Motors.

On the 6th of August 2012

Chris Goodman &bShirley mare of King Hill Nurseries

"Coventry's Best Kept Secret" was disclosed by Shirley Marwille and Chris Goodman when they told the Club about the Kings Mills Nurseries on the edge of Kenilworth. As well as describing their project as providing home grown - seed to crop - products they also enourage people with learning difficulties to work and train with them catering for around a score of learners daily.

On the 30th of July 2012

Colin Chatham

Wartime experiences were recalled by Rotarian

Colin Chatham on a week when the history of RAF's Bomber Command was in the public eye. A Flight Engineer in a Hampden heavy bomber of a RCAF Squadron, he completed over 3O missions against German targets including the powerful Tirpitz harboured in a Norwegian fjord.



On the 2nd of July 2012

Phil Highley carrying a torch

Phil Highly from the Kenilworth Rotary Club carried the Flame through Northampton on the 2nd of July 2012. http://youtu.be/qZdXJzjboDI

For Philip's nomination story click here

On the 21st of May 2012               

Tamsin Rosewell

A wealth of knowledge about chocolate, its history and how it grew to become predominant in Europe, provided a captivating talk by Tamsin Rosewell. In an Illustratrd address she told how over centuries kakawa developed into the drink cocoa and she explained the association between the product and differing religious bodies as it spread from Asia to Europe.

On the 1st of May 2012

Liz Turner representing Woodlands

Saving the nation's trees was the subject of Elizabeth Taylor of the Woodlands Trust. She explained that the preservation and care of over 1000 small woods and copses also provided food and shelter for extensive natural flora and fauna threatened by deforestation. Started nearly half a century ago the Trust has done a great deal not only in saving the woodlands but also pioneering the planting of mixed species of trees as over 60 percent of those already in the country are not native to the United Kingdom.

The Jubilee Woods project will see millions of people come together to plant 6 million trees.

For more information go to www.woodlandtrust.org.uk or MoreTreesMoreGood.org.uk/jubilee


On the 19th of March 2012

Zoe Rose, Maya Child Care

On Monday 19th March 2012, the Club welcomed Zoe Rose, Trustee of the Maya Child Care Charity, to talk about recent developments in Guatemala, & in the Centro Bellota Infantil (Acorn child care centre) which the Maya Charity operates. Last year the Club funded a project aimed at improving literacy for these seriously disadvantaged pre primary children.Zoe talked about the difficulties involved even in buying books & other materials in Xela, which meant at times a bus trip of several hours to Guatemala City. The project was seen to have been a great success & members of the Xela Rotary Club attended a ceremony to witness the results & to see a Rotary Wheel, presented by Kenilworth Rotary, fixed on a wall by the President of the Rotary.
The centre is located in Quetzaltenango (Xela), the second largest city in Guatemala, an area which has suffered greatly from natural disasters in recent years, floods being the latest one in Autumn 2011.
Resulting damage to the Centre was considerable & essential repairs were needed to enable the children to continue to receive care in an acceptable environment before we could consider the next step in literacy development. The Rotary Club was able to approve a grant to assist with the repairs.
It was a very interesting & informative presentation.
A vote of thanks was given by John Stanton

December 2012

Karen Shortt of Macmillan Nurses

Karen Shortt  of Macmillan Nurses receiving a cheque from President Tony Thompson

The money was collected by The Rotary Club of Kenilworth through the Tree of Thought event organised in cooperation with Kenilworth Town Council.


On the 5th of March 2012

Dr Angela Clarke

In one of the world's poorest countries, Namibia, the Bernard Nordkamp Centre provides education and a safe environment for a daily intake of 140 children. Dr. Angela Clarke, who herself taught in Namibia for three years, defined the needs for practical voluntary help and financial assistance to benefit the nation's children.


On the 6th of February 2012

Remap is a national charity working through local groups of skilled volunteers to help people with disabilities achieve independence and a better quality of life.

They make or modify equipment when nothing suitable is available through mainstream sources. Items are tailor-made to be suitable for individual needs and to make a real difference to people’s ability to rise to a particular challenge and achieve something not otherwise possible for them.

Robin Kenward, one of the volunteers, came to talk about Remap.

On the 9th of January 2012

Richard Marr from Kenilworth School

Richard Marr, the Head of the Kenilworth School & Sports College Expressive Arts Department receiving a cheque to help with the Music at the school.

On the 7th of November 2011


Kenilworth was represented among the 40,000 Scouts at this year's international jamboree held in Sweden in July.  Half a dozen teenagers attended from the Kenilworth Explorers Group and two of the girls gave the Rotary weekly meeting an interesting and illustrated account of their experiences while expressing thanks for the Club's financial support of the event.


On the 7th of November 2011

Scouller's talk

The  fascinating story of  Sir George and the Scott family and their contributions to the architectural heritage of Britain, was demonstrated to the Rotarians by John Scouller, a Warwickshire resident, who through discovering his own distant relationship to the family, has become interested and researched its history. Sir George Gilbert Scott is one of the lesser acclaimed but the most prolific architects of the Victorian era and was acknowledged to be master of the nation's so-called Gothic revival.   In fact he was responsible for designing or altering over 800 major premises including domestic and public buildings, well over 100 churches, abbeys and priories and 25 cathedrals among which were those at Ely, Worcester, Gloucester, Durham and St. Asaph. 

On the 19th of September 2011

Andy Norman-Youth Centre Manager

Over 800 people each week attend Kenilworth's state-of-the-art youth centre, explained the centre's organiser Andy Norman.   In his presentation to the Rotary members he told of the extensive facilities provided including sports, games. outdoor activities, musical events and learning courses, each tailored to cater for all age groups "from under 8 to 80" to quote Andy.  He described how changes in local authority finances have made it necessary to seek more support from the  public and vice-president John Boothroyd handed over a cheque from the Club which already has a strong commitment to the Youth Centre.  



Paul Bamford who lat week spoke on his six week placement in a children's hospital in Cambodia

Speaker at the first August meeting  was Paul Bamford, a medical student in his fourth year at Warwick University.   Paul had chosen Cambodia for his elective and gave an enlightening and informative talk on the medical services available following the Pot Pot regime.   In spite of having a modern purpose-built hospital in the capital, Paul described the lack of doctors and trained nursing staff and the extreme shortage of drugs and surgical equipment severely limiting  progress in dealing with Cambodia's  extensive medical requirements.

Sandy Robertson







Sandi Robertson talked about the history of ballet in general and more specifically about the history of the Birmingham Royal Ballet. Birmingham City Council recognised the talents of Simon Rattle as a conductor and build a new concert hall to celebrate his talent which encouraged the Sadler’s Wells Royal Ballet to come to Birmingham in 1990. Many of the best ballet studios relocated to Birmingham and are still there.
The Birmingham Royal Ballet received a huge boost when Powergen sponsored their production of the “Nutcracker”.


Amazon talk

Rotary friendships begun on a lengthy cruise taking in the massive Amazon river complex led to a talk by Roger Plumb of the Penryn (Cornwall) Rotary Club. Accompanied by his wife Laura, Roger gave a detail and beautifully illustrated address about the world's second longest river and its environs examining the wild life, the ecology, the environment and the livelihood of the many tribes it sustains. Roger's club has since supported a small group of Brazilian sea scouts met on the journey and received a financial donation from Kenilworth. At the outset the Plumbs were introduced by local Rotarian John Stanton whose friendship with them began during the six week cruise.

Asami Nakayama








On the 23rd of May 2011 during our Monday meeting Ambassadorial scholar Asami Nakayama told of her family in Kyoto and the steps in her career which have taken her to lecturing in a university in her home country.  At present Mrs. Nakayama is studying advanced English Language Teaching at.the University of Warwick.   Fittingly her host for the evening Rotary Meeting was David Tall formerly a professor at the university

John Bowman

On the 16th of May 2011 John Bowman visited our weekly meeting to tell us about the latest developments of The Joe Homan Charity. John and his wife visited the Joe Homan homes in South India recently and he described to us how this charity helps thousands of children to escape from poverty and provides care and assistance for boys and girls of all ages. The aim of the charity is to help disadvantaged children to improve their opportunities and lifestyle by encouraging them to obtain an education, vocational training and to develop their self-esteem.

John Lockwood

On the 11th of April 2011 John Lockwood the young violinist came to our club meeting to thank Rotary for the donation we made towards the purchase of a new violin of sufficient quality to enable him to pursue his ambitions to become  a professional musician . John played two pieces for us and impressed us all. 

Richard Davies








Richard Davies, one of the newer members of the Club and a serving councillor and former Mayor, regaled the weekly meeting with his job talk. He told of the early days of his career including humourous anecdotes of his time in the Arabian Gulf states.  

Robin Kemp and Youth Speak

On the 17th of January 2011 Robin Kemp, Kenilworth School Teacher in charge of Youth Speaks teams came with two teams on Monday. We had two presentations from pupils.


Sam Wynne

On the 4th of April a well attended weekly meeting included a presentation of the financial problems facing Britain in the aftermath of the 21st Century recession.  Sam Wynne, Barclays Bank's Regional Director of Wealth, lucidly explained the present challenges facing the country especially following three major political and economic upheavels.  These included the Japanese earthquake disaster, unrest in the Middle East and North Africa and the threat from the European Sovereigh Debt. Several questions resulted with Keith Dixon, President elect expressing thanks to the speaker and his colleague